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Our Vision For Sustainability

Humanity is awakening to the biodiversity and climate crises. Our vision at Sahara
Cleaning Services (Midlands) Ltd is of a business world that satisfies the needs of society
whilst working in harmony with the planet and its life supporting systems.
By pursuing this vision we are helping to create a bright and secure future for all.
We recognize the impact that our activities have on the environment and are committed to developing the most sustainable operations possible.
We have reacted to the monumental world developments around the need for sustainability, that occurred in 2022, by actively working towards ISO14001 accreditation and implementing a comprehensive environmental management system.
Our policies in relation to protecting the environment and sustainability are to:
  • Minimize the impact of our activities on the environment
  • Commit to embracing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Continually review our operations in accordance with the latest national and international developments in environmental governance and sustainable aims, such as the 2022 Conferences of the Parties to the UN Conventions on Biodiversity and Climate Change (COP 15 and COP 27)
  • Implement best practice by adopting the four R’s: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse and
    Recycle, to promote sustainable operations
  • Promote the protection of the environment in our business communications.
We aim to ensure that we meet the aims of our sustainability policy by:
  • Minimizing waste through efficient operations and by recycling electrical items, metals, paper, plastic and other materials wherever possible
  • Minimising paper waste through cloud storage and controlling the level of printed material
  • Disposing of waste that cannot be recycled by safe means and in accordance with environmental regulations
  • Reducing water usage wherever possible
  • Choosing eco-friendly and biological cleaning products and suppliers that minimise our impact on the environment, through COSHH and regular reviews
  • Conducting and reviewing environmental risk assessments for all operations and client sites
  • Reviewing our operations regularly so as to embrace the latest technologies, equipment and practices to look after the world in which we work and further reduce our carbon footprint
  • Actively seeking business relations that are committed to protecting the environment and encouraging our existing suppliers and customers to adopt sustainable practices that protect the environment
  • Conducting logistical planning to ensure that all transport operations are as efficient as possible and to utilise vehicle sharing and public transport wherever possible and practicable. We are in the process of reducing our carbon footprint further by replacing diesel powered vehicles with a low emission fleet.
  • Using and maintaining equipment that is energy efficient and that minimizes our carbon footprint.

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